North Peel Extreme Medical Adventures

MedVent First Aid Competition 2018

Coming winter 2018, a program team composed of MedVents from NPEMA and other Scouts Canada youth will be hosting the first MedVent First Aid Competition.

The competition location is still being decided upon, though details will be posted here first, so check back often! 

camp information

The Competiton

There will be 3 levels of training/difficulty offered at the camp:

- MedVent Level 1: Standard First Aid (SFA)

- MedVent Level 2: Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid (AWRFA)

- MedVent Level 3: First Responder (FR)

Camp Details

Date: Winter 2018

Location: TBA

Who: MedVents & Rovers


Registration fees for groups will be posted shortly.

Your Planning Team:

Youth Camp Chief: Ashley Guay

Camp Chief Support: Tristan Wellings

Quarter Master: Vacant

Manager of Program: Vacant

Manager of Judges: Vacant

Teams Specifications

A detailed set of guidelines will be available in the next little while. Below are some key details:

- Teams will all consist of a maximum of 4 members. 

- MedVent/Rover groups may send multiple teams. Each team must have a unique name to identify them at the competition.

- Teams are to be dressed in the same uniform (MedVent/Rover uniform is not required, teams are encouraged to create team wear or all wear matching attire/markings to identify themselves).

- Youth within each team must all hold a current first aid certification in the level in which they are competing (ie. SFA, AWRFA, FR).

- Participants may compete in a level of First Aid below their current certificate level (ie. a First Responder may compete at the lower level of SFA), however, youth may not compete at a level above their current certification level as all team members must hold the minimum level they are competing in. (Ie. an SFA level youth may not compete at the FR level. Each member of a team competing at the FR level must hold at least an FR certification).


Camp Registration Form

Registration is not yet open.

Offer of Service

There are many roles required to be filled for this competition to be successful, including:


(Volunteers who will simulate injuries in scenarios. Note: Moulage will be used, and some scenarios involve fake blood).


These volunteers will assist with judging and marking the score sheets for each team. Judges must hold a current Standard First Aid or higher qualification.


To assist with Food Prep and Provision of meals.


This list will grow closer to the date of the event.


Payment Details will be published soon.

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